Dr. Kevin Gilliland


 Dr. Gilliland has in-depth knowledge and expertise across a broad range of mental health issues. He is a frequent lecturer and speaker at various seminars worldwide. Kevin has been consulted as a mental health expert in leading magazines, on radio shows, as well as on news broadcasts. In June 2018 he was named to the People Magazine health squad.
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Inside Edition

July 2018

Dr. Kevin Gilliland comments on Demi Lovato's overdose and addiction.

NBC Stay Tuned

July 2018

Dr. Kevin Gilliland provided expert knowledge around addiction, relapse, and moving forward.

Health Magazine - Online

May 2018

Dr. Kevin Gilliland discussed social media and how it can effect our relationships past and present.

Greatist - Online

May 2018

Dr. Kevin Gilliand broke down simple ways to turn your end of day anxiety into excitement and how to manage overall negative emotions that creep up.

WFAA Dallas - Facebook Live

March 2018

Dr. Kevin Gilliland joined Pete Delkus, Jesse Hawila and Colleen Coyle at WFAA for a Q&A discussion on how to cope with a fear of storms and severe weather.

Health Magazine

October 2017

Struggle Well Live Well spotted in the October issue of Health Magazine. 

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Doctor Radio - Sirius XM Radio

February 2018

Dr. Kevin Gilliland discussed the affects addiction has on mental health.

Teen Vogue

July 2018

The feature entitled, “How to Stop a Heroin Overdose,” included Dr. Gilliland in discussing the severity of opioid use and how to best confront the situation.

People Magazine

June 2018

Following the tragic suicide of Kate Spade, Dr. Kevin Gilliland talks warning signs to help you be more aware and in tune with the people around you.

People Magazine

April 2018

The feature entitled, “Mariah Carey Reveals Mental Health Struggle: What to Know About Bipolar II Disorder,” utilized Dr. Gilliland as the sole expert discussing the disorder.  Dr. Gilliland stated, “What you want to be mindful of is the importance of managing your daily life without substances like alcohol and drugs. It’s a balance. Our moods, for all of us, require some balance. But for the people who have a vulnerability, it’s more important to maintain those little things.”


Teen Vogue - Facebook Live

October 2017

Dr. Gilliland joined Vera Papisova for Wellness Wednesday to discuss school anxiety.

Men's Health - Facebook Live

October 2017

Men are often late to the party when it comes to medical care and psychological healthcare.  Dr. Gilliland visited Men's Health to talk the importance of mental health to physical health.

People Now

July 2018

The segment entitled, “Clinical Psychologist on Demi Lovato’s Recovery,” included Dr. Gilliland as the sole expert discussing addiction, relapse and recovery.

Health Magazine

June 2018

Joining a handful of experts, Dr. Kevin Gilliland spoke about unhealthy mental health habits that keep women from feeling great.

The Jenny McCarthy Show - Sirius XM Radio

February 2018

Dr. Kevin Gilliland talked 60 ways to navigate Life's good, bad and in between.  

KG Fox 4 News Slide1.jpg

Fox 4 Dallas

May 2017

Dr. Gilliland joined Fox4 Dallas to speak to starting your day right utilizing tips from his book Struggle Well Live Well


Man Talks - Podcast

October 2017

Dr. Kevin Gilliland joined ManTalks to discuss how to master your mindset and prevent anxiety and depression.


Struggle Well Live Well

We all dream of a problem-free-reality, but that’s never been a real-life option. There is no growth without struggle. But when those inevitable challenges arise in our lives, there are ways to struggle better.

If you’ve ever wanted to find a better way to deal with yourself, your relationships, your hangups, or even your addictions—but the idea of lying on the couch and spilling your guts to a stranger makes you more uncomfortable than comforted, take heart.

Kevin Gilliland gets where you’re coming from. Yes, he’s a clinical psychologist, and, yes, he has counseled hundreds of people working through struggles on every level. But from all this experience, his main takeaway is that sometimes we don’t need a season of sessions to get our lives back on track.

Sometimes we just need some straight talk from somebody with good perspective. Somebody who will, frankly, tell us if we’re off base. And he’s willing to be that guy. In his book, “Struggle Well Live Well,” he makes it easy for us to recognize that of course we’re not always perfect, and, of course we can always improve. And many times we can do it without a lot of drama or expense, if we’re just open to some objective perspective.

For anyone who ever said, “I’m not into therapy,” but recognizes that we can all use a little help from a friend, here’s that help. You’ll still struggle—that’s human nature—but you’ll struggle well. And you’ll live well.